Saturday, October 23, 2010

What We Ate in Tokyo, Japan 2009 (Part 1)

Pictures of food we ate (and saw) in Tokyo, Japan (2009). My Sis and I went to Japan for the first time and we were ecstatic! Our mission: EAT!!!

Stopover at Narita, we stayed in Hotel Nikko Narita. Dead tired but we were determined to go out and eat something!!! We took the shuttle bus to the AEON Shopping Center.

Dinner in a food court @ AEON Narita Shopping Center

Curry udon. It was okay.

Spicy tsukemen. We definitely prefer this.

Couldn't resist >.< All hail Kimura-san.


Ran to the konbini (convenience store) nearby to grab some stuff. 

  And look what I got. My before-breakfast dessert. xD

Chocolate banana flavor.

Breakfast @ Narita Airport

Wasabi for us to grate =D

Sushi we brought from the airport.
The food JAL serve in-flight were not enough for us monsters >.<

One big roll of stuffed Futomaki. =D

Bought another set but we forgot to take pictures of it...until the last piece...which was half eaten.

Some stuff we brought home from our short stopover:

 Chestnut manjyuu

 Kasutera with mochi filling
Senbei with cream filling - vanilla and green tea. Not good.

We still think Minamoto Kitchoan's cream senbei is the best.


Hokkaido Camembert Cheesecake

It was so-so.

 Pocky fan @_@

So far, this is the food we ate/bought from the stopover in Japan. More to come.

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Anonymous said...

eat the camembert cheese cake from 930 café in Hokkaido rera outlet mall,you will be amaze that you did not try the right cake in Japan.
I just went to Hokkaido and that is the only food I like.