Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Threw My Coins

...into the Trevi Fountain and wished I was in Rome. Why? Because this Trevi Fountain is the replica in Las Vegas. Oh, how I wish I get to visit Rome one day and see the real Trevi Fountain.

But anyways, here's another post on Las Vegas. What I ate and things to do when  visiting Las Vegas.

Nathan's Famous Frankfurter

It was okay. Not too great, not too bad - average.

The Cheesecake Factory

Fresh, warm, and aromatic. Surprisingly good.
Herbed crusted salmon salad

Wasabi crusted ahi tuna                                     
Fresh grilled salmon

Filet mignon
  Breakfast in Caesar's Palace (forgot the restaurant's name...thought it was Payard but not too sure)

Salmon omelette
Spinach and mushroom omelette

And my "snack"

Things To Do (or at least things we did in Las Vegas)

     I went there 3 times and I never gambled. There's slot machines everywhere, even in the airport, there's no escaping them. Looks attractive and it was always interesting to watch people sitting there with cup of coins pulling the lever or pushing the buttons.
     My sister and I almost tried one of the machine (it have this really cute animation) but we saw someone passed by, eating a hot dog. We ditched the machine to look for the hot dog place (Nathan's). And that was the only "almost-try-out-the-slot-machine" experience we had.
     We never went to the clubs or pubs there. Never had wild party or attended one. Definitely did not experience a drive through wedding. -gasp- So why did we go Las Vegas?! One of my friend said, "It's the Sin City! It's suppose to be fun and happening! You have to gamble there! It's an obligation! What happen to the 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' thing?!"
     Okay, so we did not gamble, but I am pretty sure a lot of people that visited Vegas did not gamble too. There's plenty of things to do besides gambling. So this is how we spent our time in Vegas.

1. Visit different hotels
    Each hotel have their own theme, you can always go in there, take a look around, take pictures, and perhaps pretend you are somewhere else. Like how I pretended that I was in Rome and in Egypt.

2. Eat!!!
    There's tons of food to eat there. You have to try out the buffets. (I recommend the buffet in Bellagio - best I had so far) There are lots of restaurants too, from casual to fine dining. It's not exactly foodie heaven but there's a variety of food.

3. Shopping!!!
    Ladies (and gents) get your cards ready! Swipe!!!
    There are lots of place to shop on the strip. And there are 2 outlet malls - Fashion Outlets and Premium Outlets (my family and I think Premium Outlets is better, somehow) I guess this is one reason we don't gamble, we splurge our money shopping.

4. See a show
    There's a variety of show in Vegas. We went to see the "Blue Man" and it was awesome! The performance, visual, and music were out there. Highly entertaining and a good family entertainment. I highly recommend it.

5. Visit the Grand Canyon
     Do take a tour to the Grand Canyon. We visited the West Rim and the South Rim. They are both equally spectacular!
     At the West Rim, there's the Skywalk, we never tried it because my sister was scared of height and I did not want to go alone. (I opt to sit at a cliff to take a good look/picture while my sister screamed her head off)
    The South Rim was the one I went recently. It takes longer time to reach there but it was definitely worth it. The tour we joined took us on a little "hike". It was really fun but poor Mum and sis-in-law was so tired after that.

West Rim
We went there during the winter. It was "hazy" and cold the day we visited.

South Rim

It was end of spring but when we arrived, it snowed and it got real cold. But the weather turned out pleasant later on the day.

Places we stopped by during the trip:
                            Lake Mead                                                                   Hoover Dam

 Route 66

And that's the end of my post about Las Vegas. The trips to Vegas were always enjoyable and memorable. Who says we need to gamble and party to experience the fun in the Sin City?

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