Monday, October 25, 2010

What We Ate in Tokyo, Japan 2009 (Part 2)

More pictures of food! =D

JAL in-flight meal
About 8 hours flight and this is the only meal @_@
I was starved D=

Green Tea Diet Coke - yum. My Sis hates it.
(I am a bias Coke fan)

Banana milk. Love it. Even my Sis that don't like milk AND banana loves it. (She's bias too - she thinks every "Japan-related" food is good)

Kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course meal) @ Mikura at Mark City Shibuya

We ordered two set. The largest and the smallest. xD We were very satisfied. It's a splurge though.

At Tokyu Department Store - Food Show

When I stepped into the food department for the first time, I was literally transfixed. My Sis had to drag me around.

The food presentation are just so pretty and tempting.

Even the fruits are all wrapped up nicely. The fruits are very expensive, especially the ones sold in department store.

Pariya Gelato

Definitely recommend this. Lots of flavor - different flavors according to season. Had it on our first day and I went back for another on the second day.

I tried:
Green tea with mochi and azuki (recommended!)
Mascarpone cheesecake with azuki (recommended)
Pumpkin cheesecake
Soymilk with burnt sugar (or something like that) (recommended)
Kiwi lime
Pumpkin pudding (it was pumpkin season)

Drinks we brought
I love Calpis and C.C. Lemon. Can't get enough of them.

Crepes @ Harajuku

Savory - salmon and cream cheese

Sweet - mixed fresh berries with ice-cream and cheese

Johan Bakery @ Mitsukoshi Ginza

The baked goods there are absolutely great!

(The last pic isn't from Johan - Wa.Bi.Sa's confectionery)

Kanoko (a tea shop) @ Ginza

The first floor is the confectionery store and the second floor is the tea room.

Ordered one of their famous anmitsu with black sugar syrup (you get to choose from 3 types of syrup).
It is very sweet, but the mochi and jelly helps balance the sweetness.
I did not add the syrup as it was almost too sweet for me but I saw other customers poured the whole syrup in. o.O

Sis ordered green tea kakigori (shaved ice). Perfect counterpart of the anmitsu.

Ginza Kimuraya, the 140 year old bakery shop, where anpan was first made.

We bought the anpan and calpis filled bun.

We were disappointed because the anpan was not as good as we expected. The calpis filled bun was surprisingly good.

Maybe we had too high expectation for the anpan. Maybe we happen to get the not-so-fresh one. Maybe it was a bad day at the bakery. Maybe we are not used to that kind of anpan. Oh, all the excuses I came up with....(and now I am thinking, "Maybe it was delicious! I just forgot and wrote wrongly.") But no matter, if you have a chance, try it. Afterall, it is where anpan first started.

TAKANO's pudding

Ginza Akebono's Shiratama Daifuku - mame daifuku & apricot daifuku

Definitely the best daifuku I had. I especially like the mame daifuku. It wasn't too sweet and there's the hint of saltiness that brings out the flavor. The mochi is very soft and chewy ("QQ")

If it is about the mochi, Mochi Cream is nothing compared to Akebono's (in my opinion).


I forgot the name of the store that sells the rice bento (pic on the left) but it Yonehachi Okowa is really good. Highly recommend.
The store can be found in most depachika (food department). It specializes in rice with different ingredients mixed (new flavor introduced during different season). It's not difficult to miss since the store are selling colorful rice. (I bet they still have the bento set like the ones I brought) You even get to choose which type of rice you want for the bento set.

....More to come

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mr. pineapple man said...

LOVE it!

Indie.Tea said...

Everything looks so delicious - even the in-flight meal. YUM!

Jet said...

Thank you for the comment, Mr. Pineapple and Indie.Tea

Jess @ Bakericious said...

You are making me so look forward for my Japan trip :)

Jet said...

Jess, when are you going? I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.(EAT!!!)
Do take lots of pictures and share. If it is food...I will be drooling in front of the screen. Hehe.

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Jet, I am going with tour to tokyo & osaka, bringing my gal to disneyland & universal studio. This trip is meant for her, so no much time for me to shop arnd. Meals mainly cover in package but I will try to try as much food as possible if ve chance heeheehee...