Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mon Chou Chou

Mon Chou Chou’s Dojima Roll is by far the best swiss roll I ever had. But it really depends if you are the type to like lots of filling or not. As you can see, there’s LOTS of cream filling and that is the reason I love it so much. It was #1 in my “Things to Eat in Japan” list (yes, I make list of “Things to Eat” for places I visit).

I did not get the chance to try it during my last visit to Tokyo mainly because there was always a long queue and when there was no queue, it was because they sold out. It was very very very popular that time. But fortunately, when I went to Japan this summer, the hype about Dojima Rolls seemed to have tone down a bit – there were more competitors and during that time, the Japanese were into Baumkuchens.

I wanted to get the original Dojima Roll but I end up buying Dojima Cinderella Roll – can’t resist the fruits. The queue was not too bad (sarcasm)…considering it was early in the morning!

Tried to buy it twice but by evening, all the Dojima Rolls are sold out except for the chocolate ones. >.<
So on my final day in Japan (Osaka), I decided to wait for the store to open. And surprise surprise…I wasn’t the only desperate one….

When I had my first bite…it was heavenly. The cream is just perfect – not too sweet, fluffy, soft, and not overly rich (I don’t get cloyed even after consuming nearly half of the roll...hahaha). The fruits’ tanginess, sweetness, and sourness give it a nice balance and burst of flavors. The sponge is soft, moist, and light. It was just perfect.
Took pictures of every angle. I was obsessed with it.
The pictures does not do its taste justice!

I somehow manage to resist the temptation to finish the whole thing off (should have bought more) and bring it back to Mum. It survived the flight but was a little mangled. Mum ate the rest and could not stop raving about it every time someone mentioned “swiss roll”.
If you like lots of cream, do try the Dojima Rolls. You won't regret it. =P

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Joceline Lor said...

so nice...

Jess @ Bakericious said...

wow wow wow.... hope I can taste it too, yum!

mr. pineapple man said...

loving the blog!!

My Little Space said...

Jet, may I know what's in the middle of the sponge? Is it something taste like mousse? Thank you!

Jet said...

Kristy, the middle is whipped cream (that they kept emphasizing "made with Hokkaido fresh cream"). It's not as firm/thick as mousse - it's really smooth, soft, and fluffy; not overly milky like most whipping cream.

Oh, how I wish I can share it with everyone. If anyone stop by Narita Airport, you can get it...they opened a store there recently.
Thank you for the comments everyone.