Saturday, January 8, 2011

What We Ate in Tokyo, Japan (2010)

Pictures of food we had when we visited Japan in 2010.

JAL in-flight meal:

Appetizer: Prosciutto, cheese sticks with pesto garlic dip.
Snacks: Senbei and dried fruits

Starter. We loved the shiraae (mashed tofu salad).

Dessert: Panna cotta. I even finished up Sis'.

Main course. Chicken for Sis. Fish for me.

When everyone was asleep. We were up and...eating.
Caffeine fix for me and tea for Sis
Coffee with jelly....very good.

Sakura Ebi tamagoyaki from Tsukiji market.

GIOTTO's Fruits Roll Cake and Summer...Honey....something...

Then we went to Izuei Honten that specialize in unagi (eel). I read about it from Paul's Travel Pics but did not had the chance to visit the restaurant when we went to Japan in 2009. I made sure we had time to go there this trip. >D

Izuei Honten @ Ueno

A few minutes walk from Ueno Station.
The restaurant have English menu, just ask for it.

Shokado Bento: Appetizer, sashimi, tenpura, simmered dish, pickled vegetables, tofu soup, and rice.
Himejyu. Top tier: Appetizer
Bottom tier: eel rice (the main thing). Just look at the was sooo good. It was very aromatic and the flavor was well infused into the eel. The eel was soft yet the skin was a bit of crisp, each bite was full of flavor...just perfect.

Meanwhile in Imperial Palace:
Couldn't resist posting some flora pictures. =D There's even plum trees. Saw a group of elderly gathered around the trees and I went to "ke-po". Found out that it was edible but the fruits were sour. Sis had to drag me away.

In Tokyo Station:

A random restaurant that specialize in soba.
Ordered beef curry udon and black sesame soba with tenpura, recommended by the staff. The soba is good. QQ and jelly-ish.
More food! =D

Pariya Gelato again.
Not-so-goo potstickers (yaki-goza).
Yonehachi Okawa's.
Some side dish we brought from the food department.
Morinaga's melon milk. Yum~
Akebono's yomogi daifuku (mugwort daifuku).
-thumbs up- Their mochi is always good.

Some food we brought from the food department.
One of my many caffeine fix.
JAL's tiny mini cup noodle. Not so good.
We could never resist this. Will always come back for more~~
See the red shiny balls lined up uniformly and place in the box. The most expensive cherry I've ever come across. Sakuranbo cherries. We did not buy it because it is so so expensive! Our mini fridge was already filled with other fruits like melon, fig, peaches, and this huge Fuji apple (which was expensive!). We couldn't possible finished them or lugged them around later on. -sigh- Regretted we did not try it though.
Figs and peaches. They were cheap and fresh - brought them from the farmers' market.

Then we were off to Kyoto.
And just look at the line for Krispy was like that everywhere in Japan. @_@

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Zoe said...

we are planning to go to japan this year...all these yummy food is so tempting for me to book my tickets now...

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Jet, you are making me miss Japan, my daughter just asked me when are we going again hahaha...

travellingfoodies said...

I miss Tokyo too! Especially the food. And my greatest regret is not to have visited Pierre Herme and Sadaharu 's boutiques when I was in Tokyo in Nov 2009!!!

Do you have a similar writeup for Kyoto? I'm going Osaka/Kyoto in March! Definitely could do with some help on food recommendations!

Jet said...

Hi travellingfoodies,
Me too! I regretted not visiting the boutiques! D= Well, there's always next time...(hopefully soon). Do tell me when you post about them in the future. Hehe.
Will post up food from Kyoto and Osaka as soon as possible. =D