Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I Ate in Las Vegas

Went to Las Vegas again earlier this year with Mum, sis, and sis-in-law (old girl power!)
Pictures of some food we ate over there. Forgot to take pictures of the food mostly...too busy gobbling them.

Buffet is like a must "to-do" thing in Vegas. We went for two breakfast buffet. But of course, most breakfast buffets are not as great when compared to the lunch or dinner buffets...less variety.

First up, The Buffet @ Aria

It's pretty new so the price was rather cheap and we heard that it was not bad so we decided to give it a try.

We are so random...look at our selection for our "Round 1" (I only took picture of "Round 1", after that, I was too busy stuffing myself)

These are actually the first thing I took. I always go to the dessert section first. Hehe.
Sugar-free blueberry muffin, moist chocolate cake, and pistachio biscotti.

We couldn't resist fresh fruits.
This slice of vege pizza was surprisingly delicious!
More muffin and pastry!

Next stop!
The Buffet @ Wynn

There's tons of review raving about The Buffet @ Wynn Casino so we decided to give it a try.
We were disappointed. In fact, we think the buffet in Aria was better. I still think the breakfast buffet in Bellagio is the best.
There were much less selection, especially the dessert section. Maybe all the good reviews doesn't apply to the breakfast buffet we had. D:<

Didn't take much picture.

My sis-in-law and Mum started to crave for Asian food. Hahaha.
The Oreo cake slice was delicious but the cookie was bad.
Blueberry danish and cream puff. They were okay.

Breakfast @ Jean Philippe Patisserie in Aria
My sis and I decided to grab some snack breakfast
The Breakfast Panini - poached egg, ham, and cheese
Blueberry Tart (?)
Nutella Brioche
Mum's breakfast in bed
Where's the Nutella? Hidden...
Mum liked it. But I kept complaining it wasn't enough Nutella.

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MaryMoh said...

That's really a lot of good food there. I don't mind having them for breakfast, lunch and dinner :D

Jess @ Bakericious said...

I miss LV.

Jet said...

Mary, indeed...for those that don't gamble...we shop, we eat, we shop, and we eat....

Jess, LV change each time I visit there...develop way too'll have to tell me how it is when you visit there...I have the feeling that trip was my last to Las Vegas