Saturday, September 4, 2010

Previous Bread Making Attempts

Pictures of my not-so-successful past bread making attempts.

Oatmeal Buns

It was a failure - the insides were pretty hard and dense.
Lesson learned #1: Make sure the dough has fully risen.
(I made this during winter and I just couldn't be patient enough to wait longer than 1-1/2 hr)

Using the tangzhong method. Yields better result but it was not as good as expected because I got lazy and did not bother to knead long enough.
Lesson learned #2: Be patient when kneading.
(Now I know why most of the  bloggers always stressed that it takes a long time to have the perfect "smooth and satin-like" dough, especially for beginners)
Homemade red bean filling. ( How unappetizing it looks. )

Cream-cheese filled buns

My second attempt using the tangzhong method. I am pretty happy with the results as it is softer and more fluffy.  I am determined to keep trying.

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Jess @ Bakericious said...

looks good! I just failed again at bread making heeheehee...

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

The final pic looks good, and it's nice to see each attempt getting better.
I'm a bit lazy to knead for so so long, and I give up at 30 minutes all the time.

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Oh yes, may I suggest the "Follower" gadget for your blog ;)

Jet said...

Jess, thank you for your kind words.

wendyywy, thank you for your suggestion (I added it ;D)