Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Long Long Ago...

Just pictures of what I had made long long time ago...

I remember I made this after Halloween...'Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies'. Not sure where I got the recipes from.
Most of the candies did not made it into the cookies...I ended up eating most of them during the process.
The easy way.
Made this with Pillsbury Biscuits  (oh...how I miss all the easy-bake stuff)
Was testing a butterless sponge cake recipe....It turned out good but I lost the recipe. D=
My first swiss roll attempt.
Whipped cream with red bean filling.
The "sponge cake" was lacking...Perhaps that's the reason I did not keep the recipe for it.
My first steam buns.
Had to steam it with makeshift steamer.
Rather ugly looking. But I WAS pleased with it.
Now that I look back at it...I should really try to make steam buns one of these days...better looking ones hopefully.
(Any steam buns recipes to recommend? I would love to try them out =D )
Souffle Cheesecake. It was a Japanese recipe that I painstakingly transalated but I lost it. D=

I remember that it tasted very good. Strong cheese flavor as the eggs' flavor were not overpowering. But the method was definitely different from most souffle-type cheesecake. (Lots of work >.<;)

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Honey boy said...

hi Jet,

I like the cheese soufle you maed. very cute ones.

Jet said...

Thank you Honey boy.
Cute small ones but one for me isn't enough. Hahaha.