Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sponge & Dough Method Bread

After a few failures (as seen in the last post) and a near-success attempt in making bread, I decided to give it a try again.

I was planning to use the “Tangzhong” method again but I found Alex Goh’s “The World of Bread” recipe book and decided to try the “Sponge & Dough Method” instead.

I made the bread by hand because I was too scared to use my beloved KitchenAid after reading about the possible damages cause by kneading dough for a long period of time.
And judging from the previous result, it wasn’t doing a really good job at kneading. Kneading at Speed 2 and for 7 minutes is just not enough…unless I plan to overheat the motor.

After reading multiple bloggers’ tips and technique on how to knead the dough, I was further encouraged to do it by hand.

Previously, I let my KitchenAid do the mixing and kneading. Then, I finished off by kneading the dough by hand for a few minutes. The dough did not stretch to a thin membrane…not even close – which probably explain why my previous attempts failed.

It was my first time making bread in the tropical weather and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the dough rise.

I was determined to knead the dough until it reaches the perfect "thin, translucent membrane”.

Well…it did not happened. I call it quits after kneading for 30 minutes. It felt like I will never be able to get to the “thin, translucent membrane” stage.

I truly admire those that knead the dough by hand and was able to make them stretch into thin membrane.

I made sausage buns and cream cheese buns out of it.
Excuse the ugliness.

Despite the appearance, it was a success!!! I was very happy with the result even though the buns turn out looking ugly and puffed up in a weird way.
I did not expect it to puff up that much during the baking process.

But the important thing is that the bread was very soft and fragrant. Even on the next day, the bread remains soft.

I will definitely try the “Tangzhong” method again and the “scalded-dough” method the next time.

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Jess @ Bakericious said...

Jet, you are better than me. I was not able to pass the window pane test and I knead for 45 mins or more! The bread looks good!

Jet said...

Thank you,Jess. ^^
I actually read your blog for tips too before making this bread. I thought your bread looks absolutely soft and good (I believe it is the bread you made using chocolate milk).