Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Green Tea Chiffon Cake


80 g     all-purpose flour
½ tsp   baking powder

4          egg yolks
10 g     sugar
A pinch of salt
30 ml   water
30 ml   vegetable oil
1 tbsp  milk
2 tbsp  green tea powder

4          egg whites
50 g     sugar
¼ tsp   cream of tartar

1. Beat egg yolks, sugar, and salt until light. Add water, oil, milk and green tea powder. Mix well.

2. Add in flour and baking powder. Mix until well incorporated. Set aside.

3. In another clean bowl, whisk the egg whites until foamy then add cream of tartar. Whisk until soft peak then gradually add in sugar. Whisk until stiff peak.

4. Using a rubber spatula, fold in 1/3 of the whites into the green tea batter until well incorporated. Gently fold in the rest of the egg whites by half.

5. Pour the batter into the chiffon mold. Tap the mold lightly to get rid of any trapped air bubbles in the batter.

6. Baked in preheated oven at 170 C degree for 45 – 50 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean.

7. Remove from the oven and invert the mold immediately. Let cool completely before unmolding.

1. I forgot about the oil and only realized it after I fold in 1/3 of my egg whites. Added the oil, mix well, then fold the rest of the egg whites into the batter. Cake turned out okay.

2. Strong green tea flavor and color.

3. Despite the usual sugar amount, Sis and I felt that it taste very sweet. Not sure if it is because the green tea flavor.

4. May omit the milk - just put about 45 ml of water. Or you can add more milk but that will definitely affect the green tea flavor.

5. I left the chiffon cake to cool inside the oven with the door slightly open. The cake turned out better - less wrinkly surface. (see pic)

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jess @ j3ss kitch3n said...

i love the color of your chiffon. which brand did u use for the green tea powder?

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Jet, the color of the chiffon cake is very nice, you bought the green tea powder in Japan? Which brand is better ar? I am going to Japan next week, hope to grab some nice green tea powder there :)

Jet said...

Hi jess and Jess, xD
Not sure how to read the brand's name but check out the latest post, I put up pictures of the green tea. I brought it from one of the "100 yen shops" in Kyoto.
Not sure which brand is better, I am looking for one too but I bet they will be costly. I think this one is just okay and it is cheap. Hehe.
Wish you a safe trip and hope you enjoy your trip to Japan, Jess.

Jess @ Bakericious said...

thanks Jet!