Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sushi Dai @ Tsukiji Fish Market (2009)

We heard this place is a MUST when you visit Tsukiji Market. We arrived there about 7 was raining...and despite all that...there were lots of people queueing. My sister saw the queue and she was like, "Let's go to the other store with less queue (refering to Daiwa)", and I insisted on Sushi Dai. And so we wait...and wait and wait...for more than 2 hours. Sis was ready to throw a tantrum. xD Luckily we had a "light" meal before heading out. Hahaha.

We placed our order before entering - there's someone out there to take the order and asked the number of people in your party as you approach the entrance. We ordered the "Omakase" sets - 11 pieces of nigiri sushi (1 piece of your choice at the end of the set) and 1 maki sushi. But of course you can order more once you are in there - which we did.

We were first served miso soup (fish based) and hot steaming tamago - it was "complimentary".

Started with Ootoro (tuna belly/ fatty tuna).
Never been my favorite but this is definitely fresh.

On the left is Aji (Japanese mackerel) and on the right is Suzuki (sea bass).

I was kind of "kan cheong" (rushed) to eat and forgot to took some of it...I think I missed out Hirame (flounder) and the rest of the nigiri sushi we ordered after the set.

The maki sushi.


Uni (sea urchin)
My least favorite - I just don't like the idea of eating the sea urchin's gonad. It just taste like a mushy mass to me me. It taste worst when it is not fresh.
Don't think I will be a fair judge for the uni but by the other customers' reactions, it should be great.

Kinmedai (snapper).

Akagai (ark shell) - the chef pointed out that it was still moving. I turned to tell my sister but hers were already moving into her stomach. Lol.
She really like this one and we ordered it again.

Magurozuke (marinated tuna).


Shira ebi (white shrimp).
When we were served this we were looking at it and thought, "What?! You give us 'hae bi'?"
But it was incredible. So fresh and sweet. I ordered this again.

The last was Anago (saltwater eel).
Another of our favorite which we couldn't resist ordering again.
Sweet and soft texture.

The chefs. The staff there are very friendly and hospitable. They speak a bit of English and tries to make conversation here and there. The chef serving you will usually tell you what you are served, a brief explanation if you ask, and how to eat the sushi (with soy sauce or not).

Overall, it was a good experience. We chugged down our sushi so fast that the chef can barely keep up with us. Lol. There's no doubt that the ingredients they use are good in quality and fresh. But if you are planning to eat at Sushi Dai, be prepare for the queue. Sis and I love it but we will never ever queue 2 hours long for another sushi restaurant again. Hehe.

Just look at the queues. The shop further away with a lot of people too is Sushi Daiwa. Will post about it soon.

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