Friday, November 12, 2010

It's weekend!

Some meals we had last weekend.


And simple prawn fried rice for lunch during work day.

And at the garden....
The cherry tomatoes I planted. Peach-like shape tomato. xD
The trees are drying up (and I am losing interest >.<) so this is the last batch of tomatoes before I "kill" them. I shall miss those days where I talked to them as I weed the evil wild grasses and watered them, or the times I stood outside in the heavy rain with an umbrella just to make sure they are okay when they were babies. xD

Will post up my baked stuff once I feel "not-so-lazy". Have a nice weekend, everyone.

-Slacks away-

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elpi said...

I think it's a heart shape tomatoes! Beautiful. .what a meal! going veggies